About Healthy Grow

A Revolution in Organic Fertilizers
Began with a Teacher and an Idea

In the 1970s, Dave Thompson, a first grade school teacher in Aurora, Ill., began teaching his students about the cycle of life by watching chicks hatch. Dave began taking the chickens back to his farm and, as the flock of chickens grew, so did Dave's love for the birds.

His strong belief in doing what is right led Dave to the purchase of more land to accommodate the chickens, and allowed him to turn his experiment into an environmentally friendly business. Today, Dave, his wife Terry and their son Ben successfully operate Pearl Valley Farms, which includes Pearl Valley Eggs, Phil’s Fresh Eggs, Eggology liquid eggs, Coop Poop, and Healthy Grow.

Currently more than 1.2 million egg-producing chickens thrive on a high-quality, calcium-enriched diet produced in Pearl Valley Farm’s own feed mill. From these chickens, waste is collected in a safe, sophisticated manner and air dried on site in a natural process, ensuring Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow compost maintains the nourishing beneficial microbes vital for helping plants thrive.