The Cycle of Sustainability - Producing an Organic Fertilizer on a Self-Sustaining Farm

Dave Thompson, our founder and the man behind Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow, has long been committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Pearl Valley Farms, where we produce Healthy Grow and Coop Poop fertilizers as well as Pearl Valley Eggs, Phil's Fresh Eggs and Eggology liquid eggs, is one of the most environmentally conscious farms in the country. We work hard to achieve full-circle sustainability and ensure our farm has little impact on the local environment.

Everything at Pearl Valley Farms starts with an egg. Once our chicks have hatched and matured into egg-laying adults, we move them to our egg collection facility. There, we use a high-tech conveyor belt system to capture their eggs, and their waste, for sale. The eggs are transported to our egg washing facility, where they're carefully cleaned for sale. The used water is filtered in our on-site filtration plant, and used to irrigate local croplands, while any solids left behind are pumped into our reed beds for fertilization.

The collected chicken litter, any cracked or damaged eggs and harvested reeds are composted through an indoor aerobic process at our composting facility. We then sell this high-quality, organic fertilizer to local farmers who grow the crops we use to feed our chickens, thus completing our cycle of sustainability.

From how it's produced to how it performs in your garden, Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow is the model of how a farm can remain sustainable and environmentally friendly.