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Research Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Smarty-pants scientists have proven that Healthy Grow® rules the roost.

The only way to truly know if a turf product works is to put it to the test. Reputable scientists and experts in the field conducted tests putting Healthy Grow up against other industry brands. Peruse the results to see how we stacked up (spoiler alert: quite well).

Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow® Fertilizer Research Trial

A comparative research study was conducted to determine the effects of Dave Thompson's Organic Healthy Grow® fertilizers when applied to various plants, vegetable and flowers. We saw significant impact on overall growth, health and flowering of plants treated with fertilizer versus untreated controls.

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Healthy Grow Fertilizer Trials

An evaluation of various nitrogen sources for their influence on the development of diseases on golf greens reveals that granular organic sources of nitrogen, such as Healthy Grow, are useful in helping turf resist dollar spot, brown patch and other common foliar fungal diseases.

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2010 University of Wisconsin Organic Lawn Fertilizer Trial

A comparative study intended to gather data on the performance of a range of organic fertilizers determines that Healthy Grow raises both phosphorus and potassium levels in soil, as well as applies several times more of each nutrient than similar products.

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Quality and disease suppression on a bentgrass green by frequent

An eight-week study initiated to evaluate the effects of Healthy Grow compost fertilizers on mature bermudagrass reveals that, in general, bermudagrass fertilized with Healthy Grow maintained higher visual quality, as well as increased turf density and rooting.

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